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THE RUFFED GROUSE BOOK & THE WOODCOCK BOOK by George Bird Evans (1988, Amwell).   Double volume set in slipcase; woodcock book appears unread, grouse book has faded spine, slipcase excellent w/ handsome pen & ink renderings of the birds by Evans. No writing or marks.  SOLD


RAISING GAME BIRDS by Dan Scheid (1970, Highsmith). Trade paperback good, clean, sound. $3.50


JUST EAGLES by Alan Hutchinson, photography by Bill Silliker, Jr. (2000, Willow Creek Press).   Inscribed by Hutchinson and Silliker on title page. Hardcover w/ unclipped dust jacket very good. No other writing or marks.   $30


RED-TAILS IN LOVE: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park by Marie Winn (1999, Vintage). Trade paperback very good. Clean, sound. $5


ALL THINGS RECONSIDERED: My Birding Adventures by Roger Tory Peterson (2006, Houghton Mifflin). Ex-lib hardcover w/ jacket very good. Clean, tight, appears unread.   A collection of his articles for Bird Watcher’s Digest. $8


WIDEAWAKE ISLAND: The Story of the B.O.U. Centenary Expedition to Ascension by Bernard Stonehouse (1960, Hutchinson).  Hardcover with worn jacket (preserved with mylar now).  No writing or marks.  Sound.  B.O.U.–British Ornithologists’ Union.  $9


I LIVE WITH BIRDS by Hance Roy Ivor (1968, Follett).  Hardcover with worn jacket.  Marginalia; notation on inner jacket flap indicates that this book was a gift from the author.  The story of Ivor and his songbird sanctuary in Ontario.   $8


A HUMMINGBIRD IN MY HOUSE: The Story of Squeak  by Arnette Heidcamp (1990, Crown).  Hardcover with jacket very good; light wear to boards.  No writing or marks.  Lavishly illustrated w/ photos of Squeak.  $6  And  BLUEBIRDS IN MY HOUSE by Heidcamp (1997, Crown).  Hardcover  with jacket like new.  $5


THE BIG YEAR: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession by Mark Obmascik (2004, Free Press).  Hardcover in very good dust jacket.  No writing; a little bit of reading soil.  Humorous adventures of the seriously crazy world of competitive birding.  $7


RETURN OF THE OSPREY: A Season of Flight and Wonder by David Gessner (2001, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill).  Ex-lib hardcover in very good jacket in mylar.  Ospreys on Cape Cod.  $7


ON THE WING: To the Edge of the Earth wth the Peregrine Falcon by Alan Tennant (2004, Knopf). Signed hardcover in unclipped jacket very good. Light edgewear to jacket. $11


CONVERSATIONS WITH A BARRED OWL: The Confessions of a New Bird Watcher by Margaret Clarkson (1975, Zondervan). Hardcover w/ rubbed, worn jacket deaccessioned from a nature preserve library.   Covers all birds within Clarkson’s range (the title is misleading) from a Christian perspective. $5


AN OWL CAME TO STAY by Claire Rome (1980, Crown). Ex-lib hardcover with mylared jacket. Tales of owl rehabilitation in England. $5


THE OWL PAPERS by Jonathan Maslow (1983, Dutton). Hardcover, no jacket. Prev owner name stamped on title page. Tracking owls in the greater NYC area. Told with humor and intelligence. $9


A SKETCHBOOK OF NEW ZEALAND BIRDS by Molly Falla (1966, Reed).  Hardcover in mylar-preserved dust jacket very good with prev owner name on ffep.   $6.50


BIRD AMBULANCE by Arline Thomas (1971, Scribner’s). Hardcover w/ worn jacket. Prev owner stamp on ffep marked out, stamp on rear fep. Binding sound, cocked. Tales of rehabilitation in NYC. $6


BIRD BRAINS: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays by Candace Savage (1995, Sierra Club). Large format hardcover w/ jacket (one-inch tear tape-repaired). Illustrated w/ beautiful color photography.   Remainder. $10


CROW PLANET: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness by Lyanda Haupt (2009, Little, Brown). Hardcover in jacket nearly new. No writing or marks (exc for remainder mark on upper edges). Jacket crisp, binding sound.   $7.50


WILDLIFE IN NORTH AMERICA: Birds by R.D. Lawrence (1974, Chilton). Ex-private school lib. Library-bound in plain buckram boards. Penny-size abrasion on final page (index). Has seen little usage; binding tight. $6


THE FALCONER OF CENTRAL PARK by Donald Knowler (1984, Karz-Cohl). Hardcover in clipped dust jacket lightly worn/faded. Gift inscription on dedication page. Month-by-month nature chronicle of Central Park, focusing on its birdlife. $8


GREAT POSSESSIONS: An Amish Farmer’s Journal by David Kline (1990, North Point).   Trade paperback; creasing on back cover. No writing. Mostly birds, not entirely. A quiet classic from Ohio. $5


BIRDS IN THE GARDEN AND HOW TO ATTRACT THEM by Margaret McKenny (1939, Univ of Minnesota Press). Hardcover, no jacket, with wear.   Inscription on ffep. Some play in the binding but o/w sound, square.   Included among its illustrations many beautiful color plates. $10


WATCHING BIRDS: An Introduction to Ornithology by Roger Pasquier (1977, Houghton Mifflin).  Hardcover in jacket very good.  Clean, sound, square.  The basics told in depth.  $8.50


WINGS AT MY WINDOW by Ada Clapham Govan (1947, Macmillan). Hardcover in worn dust jacket. Prev owner address label and gift inscription on ffep. Charming observations of birdlife in suburban Boston mid-1930s, right until the author shoots the hawks that come to prey upon the songbirds. $5


BEYOND THE BIRD FEEDER: The Habits and Behavior of Feeding-Station Birds When They are not at your Feeder by John Dennis (1981, Knopf). Hardcover in lightly worn dust jacket. Clean, sound. $8


PRIVATE LIVES OF GARDEN BIRDS by Calvin Simonds (1984, Rodale). Hardcover in lightly worn jacket. $7


1001 QUESTIONS ANSWERED ABOUT BIRDS by Allan Cruickshank and Helen Cruickshank (1958, Dodd, Mead). Worn hardcover, no jacket.   Front fep removed. Tape residue and large abrasions on endpapers.   Binding sound. $5


BILL ODDIE’S LITTLE BLACK BIRD BOOK: The Truth about Bird-Watching by Bill Oddie (1980, Eyre Methuen). Hardcover w/ unclipped dust jacket very good. Clean, tight. British humor. $6


THE BEAK OF THE FINCH by Jonathan Weiner (1995, Vintage). Trade paperback very good; clean, sound. A return to the Galapagos. $6


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE PURPLE MARTIN by J.K. Wade (1966, self-published).   Hardcover, no jacket. Prev owner address label on ffep (scribbled-out).   Binding sound, square. $5


STOKES PURPLE MARTIN BOOK: The Complete Guide to Attracting and Housing Purple Martins by Donald and Lillian Stokes and Justin Brown (1997, Little, Brown).   Large format softcover very good.   $3.50


DUCKS: Art, Legend, History by Anna Giorgetti (1992, Little, Brown). Slim hardcover in clipped dust jacket very good but w/ gift inscription on ffep. Remainder mark. $5


THE GEESE OF BEAVER BOG by Bernd Heinrich (2004, HarperCollins). Hardcover in unclipped dust jacket very fine.   Written by a gifted author and observer. Canada geese in Vermont.   $8


HERE AM I–WHERE ARE YOU? The Behavior of the Greylag Goose by Konrad Lorenz (1991, HBJ).  Hardcover in dust jacket like new.  Remainder mark; no other writing.  Animal behaviorism extrapolated to human psychology by Nobel winner Lorenz.  $8


SIX CAME FLYING by Marquis MacSwiney of Mashanaglass (1972, Knopf). Hardcover, no jacket. Inscription inside front cover messily scribbled out. Mute swans in Germany. $6


FAIRWEATHER DUCK by Vincent Dethier (1970, Walker). BCE hardcover in worn jacket. Inscribed on ffep. Charming. Biology professor and his family raise an unknown breed of duckling with great intelligence and curiosity on the Maine coast. $7


THE LOON: Voice of the Wilderness by Joan Dunning (1991, Houghton Mifflin).  Oblong softcover very good w/ a little wear at corners of wraps.  No writing; clean.  Includes directions for making nesting platforms.  $5


WATERFOWL TOMORROW (1964, US Dept of the Interior). Hardcover, no jacket. 770 pages.   Clean, sound. Very fine collection of writings; incl fold-out map of N American waterfowl gathering places in exc cond. $10


PEG LEG PETE by Mel Ellis (1973, Holt Rinehart Winston). Hardcover in unclipped jacket; prev owner name inside front cover.   Rehabilitation of a mallard drake.   $6


THE FLIGHT OF THE SNOW GEESE by Des and Jen Bartlett (1975, Stein and Day).   Hardcover in stained jacket recounts the filming of the Emmy-winning movie. Clean, sound. $7


STOREY’S GUIDE TO RAISING DUCKS: Breeds, Care, Health by Dave Holderread (2001, Storey).  Nearly new trade paperback.  $6


RAISING YOUR OWN TURKEYS by Leonard Mercia (1981, Storey).  Nearly new trade paperback.  140 pgs.  $5


FOWL! Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (2006, Insight Publ).  Trade paperback with light wear.  No writing or marks; clean.  Binding tight.  $5


RAISING POULTRY THE MODERN WAY by Leonard Mercia (1982, Garden Way). Trade paperback good; light wear/soil to wraps. Text tan, clean. Binding sound. $5


FOWL TALES: Henhouse Humor and Other Stories from the Coop by Stan Perkins (2002, Broadblade Press). Signed by this Michigan author on the title page. Trade paperback very good.   $15


HOME TO ROOST: A Backyard Farmer Chases Chickens Through the Ages by Bob Sheasley (2008, St. Martin’s). Hardcover in unclipped dust jacket like new.   $9




BANTAM STANDARD (1981, American Bantam Association). Lightly soiled hardcover, no jacket. 326 pages. Text clean. $12


AVIARY BIRDS IN COLOR by Frank Woolham (1974, Pitman).  Hardcover in clipped dust jacket; clean, sound.   Photography by Avon and Tilford.  $5


GAME BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA by Leonard Rue III (1973, Outdoor Life). Large hardcover in edgeworn dust jacket (tape-repairs along upper edge). No writing or marks. Binding sound. $9


AUDUBON WATER BIRD GUIDE by Richard Pough (1951, Doubleday). Hardcover in worn jacket.   Eastern and central North America. $5


BIRDS OF LAKE, POND AND MARSH: Water and Wetland Birds of Eastern North America by John Eastman (1999, Stackpole).  Ex-lib trade paperback laminated.  Pocket on title page.  Text clean, binding sound.  $5


DUCKS, GEESE, AND SWANS by Oscar Merne (1974, St. Martin’s). Hardcover in very good jacket. Illustrated by Helen Haywood. $5


THE DUCKS, GEESE, AND SWANS OF NORTH AMERICA: A Vade Mecum for the Naturalist and the Sportsman by Francis Kortright (1953, Stackpole). Hardcover, no jacket, worn. Prev owner name/address on ffep, address label inside front cover.   Text clean, binding sound (though is has play). Color plates show hatchlings in down as well. Fold-out of the family tree of Anatidae.   $12


AUDUBON’S BIRDS OF AMERICA (1950, Macmillan). Hardcover in worn jacket; BCE. A smaller, more convenient edition of 288 plates.   Clean but a little tanned w/ age. Binding sound. $7


BIRD BEHAVIOUR by Robert Burton (1985, Granada). Large format hardcover in good unclipped jacket. No writing; sound. $10


MAN & BIRDS by R.K. Murton (1972, Taplinger). British study of the human/bird interface, primarily as it impacts agriculture.   Hardcover w/ jacket very good.   Clean, sound. $8


WORLD BIRDS by Brian Martin (1987, Guinness UK). Hardcover in dust jacket (showing some wear). Brought to you by the folks who do the Guinness World Records so it deals in superlatives: most, best, least, largest, smallest, etc. $11


THE BIRD WATCHER’S COMPANION by Barry MacKay (1994, Key Porter Books). Trade paperback lightly worn; clean, sound.   Breezy, informative visits to great birding locales throughout North America. $7


THE BIRD WATCHER’S AMERICA edited by Olin Pettingill, Jr. (1965, McGraw-Hill).   Signed by Pettingill on the title page.   Hardcover in worn jacket (flaps are taped to inside of the covers). Prev owner stamp on ffep. Sound, square. Fine collection of 44 writers.   $20


THE FEATHER QUEST: A North American Birder’s Year by Peter Dunne (1999, Houghton Mifflin).   Trade paperback lightly worn; clean, sound. Humorous anecdotes from the birding quest. Visits hot spots throughout North America. $7


A GUIDE TO BIRD WATCHING by Joseph Hickey (1943, Oxford UP). Hardcover in worn jacket. Clean, sound. $8


BIRDS OF MICHIGAN FIELD GUIDE by Stan Tekiela (1999, Adventure Publ).  Pocket-size softcover in very good condition.  No writing; clean.  Binding tight, square.  $3


BIRDS OF THE DETROIT-WINDSOR AREA: A Ten-Year Survey by Kelley, Middleton, Nickell & the Detroit Audubon Society (1963, Cranbrook Institute). Softcover, 119 pgs. White wraps tanning, back cover creased vertically. Clean, sound. $4


BIRDS OF MICHIGAN by Dale Zimmerman and Josselyn Van Tyne (1959, U-M Museum of Zoology). Softcover, 63 pgs. No writing or marks, staple binding sound. $4


COMMON MICHIGAN BIRDS: Bulletin No. 37 by W. B. Barrows (1929, Webster Pearce).   Publication of the State of Michigan Dept of Public Instruction. Softcover; outer wraps tanned with some soil/stain, spine detaching (staple binding o/w sound). One instance of pencil highlighting. Marginal stain. 49 pages.   $9


ANOTHER FIELD GUIDE TO LITTLE-KNOWN & SELDOM-SEEN BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA by Ben, Cathryn, and John Sill (1990, Peachtree). Softcover very good. Clean, sound. Cute. $3.50


BIRDS IN PERIL: A Guide to the Endangered Birds of the United States and Canada by John Mackenzie (1977, Dutton). Trade paperback; wraps are worn, creased. $6


THE BACKYARD BIRD FEEDER’S BIBLE: The A-to-Z Guide to Feeders, Seed Mixes, Projects, and Treats by Sally Roth (2000, Rodale). Hardcover, no jacket. Handsome pictoral cover. Clean, sound. Grapefruit? Hot peppers? Yes! $7


NATURAL GARDENING FOR BIRDS: Simple Ways to Create a Bird Haven by Julie Zickefoose (2001, Rodale). Hardcover (no jacket but with a lovely pictorial cover) in very good condition.   Clean, tight. $6


THE BIRD LOVER’S GARDEN by Margaret MacAvoy and Pat Kite (2002, MetroBooks).   Hardcover w/ beautiful lightly-worn jacket   Illustrated throughout with full-color photography. Clean, sound.   $8


PRAIRIE WINGS: The Classic Illustrated Study of American Wildfowl in Flight by Edgar Queeny (1983, Dover).  Large format trade paperback with some wear.  255 pgs.  Detailed study of ducks in flight.  Extensive illustrations in both photography and drawing.  $7


BIRD-RINGING: The Art of Bird Study by Individual Marking by R. M. Lockley and Rosemary Russell (1953, Crosby Lockwood, UK). Very good hardcover in rubbed, clipped dust jacket. No writing or marks. Numerous diagrams of traps. $9




THE BEDSIDE BOOK OF BIRDS: An Avian Miscellany by Graeme Gibson (2005, Doubleday).   Beautiful hardcover w/ unclipped jacket like new. A fine collection of bird literature accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.   $10


SONGS TO BIRDS: Essays by Jake Page (1993, David Godine). Hardcover in exc dust jacket. Like new. Clean, tight. $6


DANGEROUS BIRDS: A Naturalist’s Aviary by Janet Lembke (1992, Lyons & Burford).   Trade paperback showing some wear.   Clean, sound. $6


A BRAND-NEW BIRD: How Two Amateur Scientists Created the First Genetically Engineered Animal by Tim Birkhead (2003, Basic). Ex-lib hardcover with mylared jacket. The quest for a red canary. $7.50


BIRD STUDENT: An Autobiography by George Sutton (1980, Univ of Texas Press).  Ex-lib hardcover (no jacket).  Library predations left  mess, esp on endpapers (both feps gone entirely).   Binding sprung with occasional weakness betw signtures but all pgs secure.  Very readable.  And enjoyable.  Accompanied by the author’s artwork.  $7


A PARADISE OF BIRDS: When Spring Comes to Texas by Helen Cruickshank (1968, Dodd, Mead).   Hardcover, no jacket. Boards showing wear, dingy. No writing or marks. Binding sound. Primarily but not exclusively about birds. $8


BIRDS ACROSS THE SKY by Florence Page Jaques (1942, Harper). Hardcover in well-worn jacket. Very fine b&w illustrations. Author traipses about the country in the wake of her bird illustrator husband, discovering bird appreciation. $12


LITTLE BOOK OF OWLS (1996, Weidenfeld & Nicholson).  Small hardcover in dust jacket near mint.  Owls in poetry and art.  Gift book; clean, no writing.  $3


ENSLAVED BY DUCKS by Bob Tarte (2004, Algonquin). Trade paperback very good. And hilarious. Michigan writer falls down the slippery slope of animal ownership. $6


THE PARROT WHO THOUGHT SHE WAS A DOG by Nancy Ellis-Bell (2008, Harmony). Hardcover in very good jacket (light soil/wear).   No writing or marks. Sound. Story of a macaw undergoing recovery. $6.50


MODERN BIRD STUDY by Ludlow Griscom (1947, Harvard UP). Hardcover in worn jacket. Prev owner bookplate on ffep. O/w clean, sound. $5


THE PERSONALITY OF THE BIRD: Its Many-Sided Nature as Revealed in Stories, Pictures and Poetry edited by Brandt Aymar (1965, Bonanza). Hardcover in poor jacket. Clean, sound. A fine collection. $6


JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL by Richard Bach (2006, Scribner). Trade paperback lightly worn; no writing or marks.   Illustrated w/ photographs by Russell Munson. $4


THE BIRDS OF MARRIN MARSH by Rob Beatty (undated, self-publ).  Softcover with plastic comb binding very good with light wear/soil.  Fiction by a Michigan author.  $15  Also available, JOURNEY OF THE TERN (1994, Ecopress).  Trade paperback very good; signed and inscribed by author Beatty.  $7   And, SAPO (1996, Ecopress).  Hardcover in very good jacket.  Lengthy note to prev owner from author on front fly, as well as signature on title page.  $10


THE BIRD ARTIST by Howard Norman (1994, FS&G).  Hardcover in dust jacket very good.  Novel set in Newfoundland, 1911.  Not enough about birds, but not bad.  $8




WONDERS OF PEACOCKS by Sigmund Lavine (1982, Dodd Mead). Intended for the advanced reader. Hardcover in clipped jacket. Clean, tight. $5


A GIANT LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK OF BIRDS by Jane Watson, illustrations by Eloise Wilkin (1958, Simon & Schuster). Cover laminate peeling and the blue foil spine has 2 inches loss at bottom. No writing or marks; tan, clean. Binding sound. 56 pages. $8


THERE’S NO SUCH PLACE AS FAR AWAY by Richard Bach (1979, Delacorte).  Hardcover in unclipped jacket almost like new.  No writing.  Binding tight.  Illustrations by Ron Wegen.  $3


THE LANDING: A Night of Birds by Katherine Scholes (1989, Doubleday).  Hardcover in dust jacket mint condition.  Chapter book set in Australia.  $3


JACQUELINE OF THE CARRIER PIGEONS by Augusta Seaman (1937, Macmillan).  Hardcover (no jacket) about a now little-known event in 1574, the Siege of Leyden, and two brave and resourceful siblings and their carrier pigeons.  The book has no writing or marks but is age-toned.  302 pgs.   $15


MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS by Richard and Florence Atwater (1938, 1988, Little, Brown).  Softcover lightly worn; one corner creased on back cover.  No writing or marks.  Illustrations by Newbery and Caldecott winner Robert Lawson.  A classic.  $2


HOUSE SPARROWS: Ragamuffins of the City by J. J. McCoy (1968, Seabury).  Ex-lib hardcover with jacket in mylar.  Ffep removed; all else good, clean, solid.  Non-fiction.  $2.


THE BURGESS BIRD BOOK FOR CHILDREN by Thornton Burgess (1926, Little, Brown).   Hardcover, no jacket: blue boards worn w/ some soil, pictorial paste-on torn off around edges. Gift inscription on frontis verso. Binding sound incl all color plates. 353 pgs. $8




JOHN JAMES AUDUBON by Margot Cleary (2004, JG Press). Large format hardcover w/ very good jacket w/ over 70 full color plates.   $8 Also available, Delineations of American Scene and Character by Audubon (1926, Baker). Hardcover, no jacket. Clean, sound. $10


WILD GOOSE JACK by Jack Miner (1972, Pocket Books). Mass market paperback in good condition; tanned, prev owner name on half-title page. A visit to Jack Miner’s sanctuary at Kingsville, Ontario is unforgettable.   $5




THE ILLUSTRATED BIRD edited by Maggie Oster (1978, Tree Communications). Large format softcover of birds depicted in many art forms by renowned artists. 80 pages.   Excellent condition. $5




MRS. BEETON’S HOME COOKING: Poultry Dishes (1986, Ward Lock Ltd, UK). Slim pictorial hardcover (no jacket): clean, tight.   Publisher includes imperial measures for those who prefer. Recipes date to the mid-19th century. $3


JAMES BEARD’S FOWL & GAME BIRD COOKERY (1979, HBJ). Softcover very good, back corner creased; tanning, clean. Binding tight. $4


THE CHICKEN COOKBOOK by Beverlee Sias (1969, A.S. Barnes). Hardcover in good dust jacket (white jacket tanning, damp stain at lower spine affects jacket only). BCE. 590 pgs, no illustrations.   $9


CHICKEN: Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library (1999, TimeLife).   Hardcover in lightly worn jacket.   No writing; clean, sound.   Sumptuous photography. $7

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